Pagemodo Contests

With Pagemodo Contests you can publish a contest or sweepstakes tab on your Facebook Page that allows your fans to submit entry information. That data is collected into a management area where you can review contact information and submissions, which will help you determine your winners.

From your Dashboard, select the project you want to work on from the "Select A Profile" menu, then click Contest from the "Create" menu. 


You will be directed to choose from a selection of Premium Contest and Sweepstakes themes. 


NOTE: Contest and Sweepstakes themes are available for use on Pro or Agency customers that are using Facebook Pages. If you only have a personal Profile you will only see the Cover Photo button. More information on the difference between Pages and Profiles can be found here. If you do not have a Pro or Agency account, you can still see the Contests tab but you may not publish with it. You may upgrade your account to Agency or Pro by clicking here.


Creating your Contest tab is similar to creating any other tab but with a few key differences. If this is your first time creating a Custom Tab, click here to read a tutorial. This article will point out how Contest tabs are different. 

Modify Theme

On the Modify Theme step, you can edit the structure of your tab by selecting a preset layout under “Edit Page Layout.” These four layouts are 

  • Sweepstakes
  • Photo Contest
  • Caption Contest
  • Essay Contest


NOTE: A photo contest layout gives users the ability to upload an image by adding an Upload Image button to the form.

You can also edit your background by checking Advanced Background Settings and changing the background color or uploading an image.


Once you’re done modifying your theme, click Next Step to begin editing your content.

Edit Content & Entry Form

During the “Edit Content” step you will customize your entry form.

If you want to change the default field labels, click the pencil icon near each field to edit it. You can also hide a field by clicking the eye icon.


You can change what text appears on the send button under “Text For Send Button.”

If you want to change the address where entries are received, you can change that under “Send Messages To Email Address.” If you decide not to change the email address it will default to the email address that is already associated with your Pagemodo account.

The “Text To Show After Send” allows you to control the message your entrants will see once they have submitted their entry. The default text will read “Thank you, we have received your entry!”

Click Show Advanced Settings to control what email address will appear as sent from as well as the subject line. These settings control the automated email that is sent to your visitors once their entry has been sent.

Terms and Conditions

Every contest layout has a Terms & Conditions section. Before a visitor can successfully submit their entry form they must accept your terms.

Type your specific terms in the "Terms and Conditions" field. This is the text that will appear when the visitor clicks the link on your entry form that reads “I have read and agree to the Terms & Conditions.”

Once you are done editing your content. click Done to proceed to the next step.


Check Entries

You can check your contests tab for your active and inactive contests under the Contests tab.


To view entrant information, click View Entries.


Here, you will see a list of everyone that entered your contest where you can sort your entries by name, favorites and winners, as well as randomly choose a winner. You may also download a .csv file of the entries.

Click on a line to expand the full details of the entry.


Once you expand the entry details for each line, you can decide on favorite entries and the winner using the icons in the upper-left corner of the entry details.

The red trash can symbol in the upper-right corner of the entry allows you to delete the entry. Once you delete an entry it cannot be recovered!

The heart symbol allows you to mark the entry as a favorite, if you want to revisit it for additional review.

Click the trophy symbol to select your winner. Once you select the winner, you will have the following options:


By clicking create a post, you will launch the Pagemodo Posts tool in order to post an update to your page’s followers.

End Contest will un-publish the contest tab from Facebook and move the contest to your Inactive Contests list.

Continue allows you to leave the contest open and continue to choose more winners.


Will selecting a winner automatically end the contest?

You can choose to close the contest after selecting a single winner or you can continue choosing additional winners.

Is there a maximum number of winners I can select?

You may use the Contests features to select as many winners as you wish.

Once I close a contest, do I get to retain entrant information?

When you end a contest, you keep all the contact details to help grow your marketing lists. This data is kept under your Inactive Contests.

How do I promote a contest on social media?

All contests created using Pagemodo automatically include smart URLs that allow brands to share custom tabs via mobile devices or on your website. You can even promote your contests and sweepstakes on Twitter and LinkedIn.

What is the difference between a contest and a sweepstakes?

With a Sweepstakes, your visitors are simply entering their contact information for a random draw.

A Contest requires your visitors to submit something, such as a photo or an essay in order to compete with other entries.

The themes that can be used with Pagemodo Contests are marked as “sweepstakes” or “contests.” The contest themes include an uploader for submissions.

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