Add Team Members

If you would like co-workers to share your Pagemodo account to work on projects, you can set up them up as Team Members. This were previously called "Agency Admins."

IMPORTANT: The Team Members feature is for co-workers. If you would like you clients to be able to easily edit their Facebook tabs, you may enable Admin Editing.
  1. From your Pagemodo dashboard, click the My Pages link in the left navbar.
  2. Then click the blue Create Team button.
  3. You will receive a popover notification that says "Facebook Permissions Needed." Click Continue to proceed
  4. This will advance you to the "Manage Team Members" popover where you can enter the email addresses of the members you wish to add. Click Done when you are finished.
  5. Your new Team Member(s) will receive an email with the subject line "Join your team on Pagemodo." It includes a link they must click to complete joining.
To remove a Team Member at any time, click My Pages,then Manage Team from your dashboard, and click the Assign / Unassign link next to the Team Member's name.

When your Team Member logs into Pagemodo, they will initially be taken to their own Pagemodo account. To switch to using the Agency account, they will need to use the drop-down menu on the top-left of their Pagemodo dashboard.

IMPORTANT: Your Team Member must switch to the agency account prior to starting work. Otherwise, they'll just make tabs in their free account and those cannot be transferred. 

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