Create A Custom Tab Image in Facebook Timeline

Any apps on your Facebook page now come with a default tab image, but you can easily customize your tab images including tabs generated using Pagemodo.


Create a Custom Tab Image in Facebook Timeline

Once you log into into Facebook and your Timeline-enabled page, click the down arrow on the far right of your app thumbnails. This will expand all of your app thumbnails.



Hover over the tab image and click the edit icon that will appear in the upper-right corner of the tab image. From the dropdown menu, select Edit Settings.


This will launch a pop-up within Facebook prompting you to make changes to your Custom Tab Image and Custom Tab Name.


When you click the “Change” link to the right of Custom Tab Image, you will launch a new window for the “Upload a Custom Image” page. This is where you can browse for and upload your desired tab image.


IMPORTANT: Be sure to return to the previous page for the options to change Custom Tab Name and Image and click the “okay” button in order for your changes to be published to your timeline.



Edit Tab Image in Pagemodo

You can also edit your tab image in Pagemodo by doing the following:


On the "Publish" step of creating your tab in Pagemodo, click Edit Tab to edit the image and name for your tab (this controls how the tab is identified in Facebook). This will bring up Edit Tab Icon. Here, you can define the style and color of your main tab icon as well as the choose a small tab icon and label in Facebook.



Click Save Changes when you are done.

Click Publish.

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