Introduction to the Pagemodo Dashboard


Pagemodo Dashboard allows you to easily navigate through your projects and Pagemodo apps (tools).  

Left Navigation

Select A Profile: This allows you to select from your own Pagemodo projects as well as any pages for which you are an admin. If you manage multiple pages, use the search bar in the dropdown to make selection easier.


The Create dropdown allows you to choose which app you wish to design with - Posts, Custom Tabs, Cover Photos or Contests.


My Pages: View a summary of how all of your pages are performing, manage Team Members as well as perform overall page management using Pagemodo tools. This is very useful if you manage several pages. 


Leads: retrieve messages and contacts captured via contests and form submissions.

Apps allow you to create and manage tabs, posts and covers from your current project. Remember, you can change the name of the project (page) you’re managing by clicking the “Select A Profile” drop-down at the very top of the left navigation.

  • Posts: Search for articles relating to your business to begin posting content to keep your customers engaged. Or, choose from different Post types - Photos, Status Update, Quotes or Seasonal. More...
  • Post Designer: Clicking this tab will take you directly to the Themes tab in Posts. This is how you get started with creating visual Posts. click “Your Designs” to continue working on a Post you saved for later. More...
  • Cover Photo: Create or edit your Facebook page’s main cover photo. More...
  • Custom Tabs: Tabs are the individual sections within a fan page. You can create multiple tabs on a Facebook page with different themes or layouts. Your left navigation will be minimized as you are creating your custom tab but you can still navigate from it using the icons. More...
  • Contests: With Pagemodo Contests you can publish a contest or sweepstakes tab on your Facebook Page that allows your fans to submit entry information. More... 
  • Ads:  Leverage Pagemodo's intuitive design tools to create professional, attractive ads for Facebook.  More . . . 

Remember, you can always return to the Dashboard from any application by clicking Dashboard from the left navigation menu.

Dashboard Body

The main Dashboard body represents the project you are currently managing. (To switch to a different project, click the Select A Profile menu at the top of the left navigation menu.) You can also click the blue View Page button to see how your Page currently appears in Facebook.

Choose which app you want to use to manage your project - Cover Photo, Custom Tab, Contest, Post or Post Design.


Farther down the Dashboard, you will see any recent additions to your project as well as stats, such as Scheduled Posts, Covers, Tabs and Contests. 

Account Drop-down & Right Sidebar

NOTE: Since the Dashboard layout responds to your browser window, contents of the right sidebar may shift to the bottom of the page if your window is not completely maximized.


The account drop-down appears when you hover over your name in the upper-right. From here you can locate Account Settings, Support or return to the Dashboard from any app. You can always use this menu to log out. 


The "Suggested Content" panel provides Post updates that may engage your visitors. Suggested Posts are normally related to the current season or upcoming holidays.


You can also see what new Cover and Post themes Pagemodo has made available from the right sidebar.

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