Simplicity Theme

Get More Flexibility with the Simplicity Theme!

We are working on new themes all the time, but you may find that you want to flex your creative muscle a bit more than our current themes allow. That’s where The Simplicity Theme comes in! Using the HTML editor, you can transform the Simplicity Theme into your personal statement.

From the “Choose Theme” page, scroll down to “Simplicity.”


The Simplicity Theme has just one paragraph box. However, you can use this paragraph editor to customize the theme however you wish.

On the “Modify Theme” page, choose from the color presets to select a background color. Or, click the “Advanced Background Settings” box to choose your own color. You can even upload an image for a tiled background.


After you set your background, move on to the “Edit Content” page and get really creative!


For more on customizing your tabs using the Content Editor, check out this article elsewhere in the Pagemodo Knowledgebase:

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