Cover Photo Designer

Pagemodo's Cover Photo Designer is a simple way to create customized cover photos for your Facebook page, without any design skills. Similar to Pagemodo's Post Designer, you can choose from a number of themes and fonts, as well as shapes and stock images, to get your designs just right.

The cover photo is the first thing your visitors will see, so this is your chance to really capture them and make them life long fans.

NOTE: For the best experience be sure you are using the latest version of Internet Explorer (version 9 and above), Firefox, Safari or Chrome.


Click through the following topics to learn how to use the Cover Photo Designer.


Getting Started

If you are managing more than one Page, be sure to select the correct project before launching the Cover Photo Designer. You can do this from the dropdown menu on the left sidebar of your Dashboard.


Select Cover Photo in the "Create" dropdown to be directed to the Designer.



The Interface


TIP: If you already have a cover photo that you want to save before using the new editor, just click the download button at the top of the Designer.

From the Cover Photo Designer, scroll through the thumbnails on the right to select a template that best suits your style and business. Themes are only a starting point; you can customize themes in a number of ways.

To the far left are the different objects you can add and customize: text, shape, logo, and background.

The options at the very top of the Designer allow you to do the following:

  • Download your image. This is useful if you want to use your newly designed image somewhere other than Facebook. You can also use this option if you want to save a previously-uploaded cover.
  • The Preview option allows you to see how it will look at the top of a live Facebook page. This is useful for showing where the profile image will look against your new cover.
  • Save allows you to save your design session so you can return to it later.
  • Publish will take your new Facebook cover live.

The first step to getting your cover just right is choosing the right images. Each theme will allow a maximum number images that you can change.


The theme chosen in the example is for a pizza restaurant, but we want to use images for an interior design business. The four images used in this theme are objects that you can change and edit. Once you click an image object, use the Change Photo button to upload a new image, search from stock images, or choose from recent images you have used during the same session. 


Crop and adjust once you have your images in place.




Now we want to change the text. Click the text objects in your theme to begin making your edits.


You have several options when editing text in the Cover Photo Designer. Aside from choosing from a number of fonts, you can change font style, size, color, alignment and more. Change opacity to adjust how transparent your text is against your images. In our example we want to start fresh with a new text layer.

TIP: Use the red trash icon in the lower right corner to object layers.

Click the Text option on the right to select a text style to start with. You have simple choices like big, medium and small, or you can choose something more decorative. 


TIP: Use the Undo button in the lower right corner to dismiss your most recent change, Use <strong ">Redo to bring it back.

Once you have selected your style, click your text object to type in your custom message and format your text.



Our new cover still needs some work. So we will use a shape object to make the text more prominent while adding a decorative element to the cover. 


Click Shape on the right to select from a category or select from popular shapes.


The object we've chosen needs to be widened and placed behind the text. We will also change the color. Use the Layer options place the current shape object behind the text.  In this case we want to use the Layer DOWN button.


WARNING: Try to avoid using too many overlapping layers or they can become difficult to manage!

Use the handles at the corner of the shape object to scale it.


Use the color picker to change the color of your shape object.


And finally adjust your shape object's opacity.



If your company has an official logo, use the Logo option to upload it. When formatting your logo you will have the same options like laying, opacity and scaling.

PRO-TIP: For the best results, use a .png or .gif image with a transparent background.



Some themes don't have a lot of image objects and instead rely on background and text.


Select the Background option (BG) on the right to change your background. You can select from solid colors, suggested background images or images that you have recently used. You can also use the upload button next to the search field to upload your own background image.

PRO-TIP: For best results, be sure the image you're uploading for your background is at least 851x315 pixels.

Here are a few examples of the same text against different backgrounds.




Before you publish your cover it is recommended that you preview how it will look on your Facebook page. Click the Preview (eye) button at the top of the Designer.


If you're satisfied with your cover, click the green Publish button.


You will have the option to view it directly on your Facebook page.

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