Introduction to Themes & Layouts

What’s the difference between a Theme and a Layout?

When you’re building your tabs in Pagemodo, you’ll notice that you will choose a theme in Step One, but when you modify your theme in Step Two you’re asked to edit your page layout. How are themes and layouts different?


Theme refers to the design style of a tab. This includes the colors, font selection and overall look of a tab. They have thematic names such as “Corporate” and “Cowboy,” names that bring an identifiable style to mind.

When selecting a theme for your tab that some themes look alike. For example, there are three “Beauty” themes shown below -- “Beauty Contact”, “Beauty General” and “Beauty Video.”


When a theme’s name refers to its default utility or layout, like “Twitter” or “Coupon,” that means it’s part of a group of themes with a similar style. This helps to portray a consistent look when publishing more than one tab to the same page.


Layout refers to the placement of elements and utilities on a tab. You’ll notice in the Edit Page Layout dropdown options for contact form, map and more. These layouts can be applied to a theme.

NOTE: Layout options will vary depending on which theme you have chosen.
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