Tip - Pin a post that highlights your Welcome Tab

How to Pin a Post that Highlights your Welcome Tab

By pinning a post, you put at the top of your Timeline a message to visitors instructing them to visit your custom tabs. The pinning of a post lasts for seven days. Remember, the only posts you can pin are your own posts, not the posts of others.  

Who can Pin Posts?

It is only possible to pin posts on a Page that were created by the Page. What does that mean? When you are an admin of a Page, you have the option to "Use Facebook as..." the Page. Any posts you make will come from the Page, and not your personal profile. 


You can only pin posts that you created as the Page. Admins cannot pin posts, and it is not possible to pin posts you did not create.

How to Pin a Post

Use Facebook as... the Page and post a direct link to your Welcome page. Then, you can pin that post to the top of your timeline.

  1. Click the pencil icon in the upper-right corner of your Page's post
  2. Select Pin to Top
  3. Your pinned post will move to below the sharing tool in the top left of your Page's timeline, and an orange flag will appear in the upper-right corner.


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