Remove a Page from Pagemodo

You can remove a page from Pagemodo from your Custom Tab Dashboard, even if you have not published using Custom Tabs.

NOTE: Deleting a page from Pagemodo is not the same as deleting it from Facebook. Click here for instructions on deleting a fanpage from Facebook. If you want to remove a page from Facebook completely is recommended that you delete it from Pagemodo first.

First make sure you have the correct page (project) selected, then click Custom Tabs from the left sidebar. 

If you have published using Custom Tabs, your Tabs Dashboard will look similar to this.


Your tabs will have to be deleted before  you will be able to remove the page (project) from Pagemodo. Hover on the thumbnail to select the Settings (gear) menu and select Delete Page.


If you are sure you want to permanently delete the tab (you will not be able to recover it) click OK in the pop-up confirmation. You will see a confirmation at the top of your page that reads "Your page has been successfully deleted." ("Page" in this message refers to the tab you just deleted.)

Repeat above process for each tab thumbnail.


Once your shelf is clear of tab thumbnails, click Remove Page, which appears under the Page's name on the dashboard. You will receive a confirmation pop-up asking if you are sure. Click OK.

Since this process only removes your page from Pagemodo, you can re-import your page at any time if you have not permanently deleted it from Facebook.

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