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Pagemodo makes it easy for you to schedule engaging content for your visitors ahead of time, so that you can get back to the important tasks of running your business. Click through the following topics to learn about scheduling your posts.

Before you begin scheduling, make sure you visit your Post Settings page. This may be the most important step in scheduling your posts!
Set Your Time Zone

On the Post Settings page, you can set your time zone, post days and post times.

After you log into your Pagemodo account, click the Posts tab. Be sure to select the project you want to work on from the drop down menu!


Click Post Settings.

Your Time Zone, by default, is set to Eastern Standard Time. You can select another time zone in the dropdown menu.


NOTE: The timezone is set per-page (project), so you will need to change it for each page you manage.
Set Time Slots

Now, set your Time Slots. This is helpful if you want to queue new posts for time presets. You can skip this step if you simply want to schedule each post for a specific time.

By default, all seven Post Days are highlighted in blue. This means all seven days are active. To deactivate, simply the click the day you don’t want to use for a Time Slot.


Now that your days are set, you can begin adding Post Times. These are the times throughout the day that queued Posts will publish.

You will have one default Post Time. Add a new one by clicking the green plus sign.


You can edit the time by clicking inside of the field, or by using the pencil icon to bring up the time controls.

Continue adding timeslots by clicking the green plus sign until you have as many that you like. You’ll notice that each new time slot will being an hour later than the previous by default.

You can click the trashcan button to delete any Post Time you don’t want.

Now, when you create a Post, you have the option to queue it for the next available time slot. Let’s take a look.

Queue a Post

Create a post on the New Post page. Once you’ve decided on your content and layout, you have the option to set a date and time by clicking the calendar button, “Post Now”, or “Add to Queue.”


Click Add to Queue. The post will appear as scheduled in the sidebar on the New Posts page, as well as on the Scheduled page for your next available time slot.

Schedule a Post for a Specific Time

If you don’t want to schedule a post for your next time slot, you can set the post to publish at a new specific time. Click the calendar button to launch your scheduling options.


Un-check the option to use next time slot and use the calendar and time controls to set your new date and time.

Click Save and Add to Queue when you’re done.

The post will appear as scheduled in the sidebar on the New Posts page, as well as on the Scheduled page for the time you’ve set.

Check and Edit Your Schedule

On the "Scheduled Posts" page, you can view, edit or delete what you have queued.


To edit a post:

  1. Click the pencil icon for the post you want to edit.
  2. In the popover, you will have a post preview on the right that shows how the update will be formatted once it’s published to your Facebook page.
  3. On the right of the popover is the Edit Post panel, where you can update the post with your changes. Your changes will appear in the Post Preview section in real-time.
  4. Click Update Post when you are done.

You can also change the order of scheduled posts by dragging the crosshair icon to move the post up or down.


If you want to delete the scheduled post, click the trash icon.

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