Add Multiple Admins

If you want your clients to be able to edit their Facebook tabs without having a Pagemodo account,  you can include admins to one of your Facebook pages.

IMPORTANT: Admin Editing is for clients. If you want to share access to your Pagemodo account with co-workers, you may add them as Team Members instead. 

Add another admin to the page

First you have to log into your Facebook account to add a friend as an admin. You can do this by clicking the “edit info” button under the page name and going to the “manage admins” option on the left column.

For more on adding and removing admins, check out these articles from Facebook’s Help Center:

Enable admin editing

The next step is to enable admin editing from your Pagemodo dashboard for the page you have added the new admin to. You can do this from the "Page Settings" menu located under the page name.


The new admin won’t be able to edit until you enable editing for them. You can also disable admin editing from the same location.

Your new admin can now edit Tabs

After admin editing is enabled, an edit button will appear for the admin in the top right when they view the Tab from Facebook.


Once the admin clicks the “edit this page” button they will be taken directly to the Pagemodo editor for that Tab. The editor looks slightly different for your secondary admins because they don’t need access to a dashboard or account settings.


Want to look more professional?

If you want the Pagemodo branding removed from the admin editor, you can upgrade to an Agency package and have a complete white label experience.


Agency also removes the Pagemodo Header and Footer from your Published Tabs. Click here to learn more.

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