Tab Content Editor

You’ll notice the different content editors for each Pagemodo theme. You have editors for buttons, titles, contact forms and more. But the most robust editor is the paragraph editor.


To format text, highlight any or all of the text with your computer mouse and click one of the tools to apply the formatting. A description of the tools are as follows:

  • Bold, italic, strike-through and underline.
  • Paragraph align/justify
  • Create hyperlink
  • Increase or decrease text size
  • Change font type
  • Indent or out-dent
  • Superscript and subscript
  • Create numbered or bulleted lists
  • Insert horizontal rule
  • Clear formatting (this will undo any custom formatting and revert the text back to plain text)

Editing content with HTML


The last button in the toolbar is the “view source code” button. This is your HTML editor. You can use the HTML editor to fine tune your edits.

NOTE: Use HTML editing at your own risk!

Using standard HTML code you can insert additional images and use CSS rules to format text.


NOTE: When using HTML to insert images, the images must already be hosted/uploaded.

Keep in mind that edits made using the HTML editor will not appear in real time until you toggle back to standard edit mode.

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