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Pagemodo Post Designer is a quick and easy way to create engaging images for marketing campaigns on your Facebook page.

NOTE: For the best experience be sure you are using the latest version of Internet Explorer (version 9 and above), Firefox, Safari or Chrome.

Select the profile you want to work as then click Post Designer from the left column. This will default you to the Themes tab for Posts. 

Under the Themes tab are a number of pre-designed images that you can select from and customize. Select the image you want to customize by clicking Edit Photo. This will take you to the Post Designer interface.

Click through the following topics to learn more about Post Designer.

Begin Editing

Each theme has a number of objects that you can customize. You can reveal the borders of each object by using your mouse to hover over different areas of the image. The image in the example below has six objects - four image objects, one text object and one shape object.


To edit an image, click on the image object as it appears in the image preview.


You can crop to the portion of the image you wish to use by dragging the handles in the thumbnail in the upper right corner of the Post Designer.

You can also change the image by uploading a new one, searching the database for pre-loaded images, or using photos you may have used recently in Post Designer. 

Use the handles in the image preview to re-size or rotate the image object. You can also click and drag to move the image object elsewhere on the image.

Edit Text

Click on any text object to begin editing. In the editing panel can enter your text and you can also change

  • font
  • style
  • size
  • color
  • alignment
  • emphasize
  • line height
  • opacity
  • text background color

Use the handles in the image preview to re-size or rotate the text object. You can also click and drag to move the text object elsewhere on the image.


Each object exist on a layer. This allows you to overlap objects, like placing text on top of a shape.


When editing an image object, you have the following options for Layers: 

  • move the current layer up
  • move the current layer down
  • add a new layer
  • delete the current layer
Backgrounds and Logos

You now have the ability to customize your backgrounds and upload your company logo.


Select the Background option (BG) on the right to change your background. You can select from solid colors, suggested background images or images that you have recently used. You can also use the upload button next to the search field to upload your own background image.

Here are a few examples of the same text against different backgrounds.


If your company has an official logo, use the Logo option to upload it. When formatting your logo you will have the same options like layering, opacity and scaling.


PRO-TIP: For the best results, use a .png or .gif image with a transparent background.
Post to Facebook

Once you are done customizing, click the green Publish button. This will launch the Create Post window.


Click Post Now, or Add to Queue if you want it to publish automatically at a later time. 

If you don't wish to publish your post right away, click Save Draft from the Post Designer. 


This will save the post under Your Designs, which you can find on the Posts dashboard.



To the left of the Save Draft button is a download option, which allows you to save your designed Post to your desktop for use elsewhere.

Click here for more information on using Posts.

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