Build Your Custom Tab

Tabs are the individual sections within a fan page. You can create multiple tabs on a Facebook page with different themes or layouts.

Once you have created a page and logged into your Pagemodo account you can start building.

Create a New Tab

If you are managing more than one Page, be sure to select the correct project. You can do this from the dropdown menu on the left sidebar of your Dashboard

Select Custom Tab in the "Create" dropdown to be directed to the Tab Designer.

Your left navigation will be minimized as you are creating your custom tab. The sidebar will fly out as you hover on it.

Choose a Theme

Once you have chosen a page to add your tab to, you’ll be directed to the "Choose Theme" page. To make choosing a theme easier, you can sort by:

  • Popular
  • Themed
  • Simple
  • Video
  • Coupon
  • Contact
  • All Themes

For more on themes and layouts, click here.


Modify Theme

Once you have chosen a theme you’ll be directed to (Step Two) "Modify Theme". Here is where you can edit the layout of your theme. Layout represents the placement of elements on your theme. You can also check Advanced Background Settings if you want to use your own background image.


Edit Content

Once you have you modified your layout. click Next Step, which will bring you to (Step Three) the "Edit Content" page. Here is where you can begin adding text and images to your theme.

Click on any element on the right side to load the content editor for that element on the left side.

Below is an example of a content editor for the theme used in this tutorial. The content editors available to you are dependent upon the type of theme you’ve chosen and how you have set your layout.

For more on content editors click here.

Once you have made changes to the element you’ have selected, click Done. Once you’re done with this step overall, click I’m Done Editing, Next Step. This will bring to you to (Step Four) the "Like Gate" page.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Like Gates are deprecated by Facebook as of November 5, 2014. Pagemodo users are encouraged to disable Like Gates on pages as we transition away from this feature since it is no longer supported by Facebook.


Click Edit Tab to edit the image and name for your tab (this controls how the tab is identified in Facebook). This will bring up Edit Tab Icon. Here, you can define the style and color of your main tab icon as well as the choose a small tab icon and label in Facebook.


Click Save Changes when you are done.

You can also let visitors know that you have updated a Facebook page within the "Share On" panel.

Click Publish.

You’ll see a message that says “Please wait while we install your page on Facebook, before being redirected to your dashboard.



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