How to Promote Your Facebook Page



After you make a Facebook page on which to promote your business, you want to make sure that people find out about it! Here are some hints for using Facebook marketing to your advantage.

Reach Out

  • Suggest your page to friends who might like it via the “Invite Friends” link in the right-hand sidebar.
  • Import contacts, such as your current customers, so they are aware of your new page (go to Edit Page, then Resources, then click “Tell Your Fans”).
  • Post a status update to your page’s Wall, such as info about a new product or service. Or engage fans with a question; you could even crowd-source business decisions by asking questions like “What should our winter hours be?”. Your fans will see the update in their News Feeds. To keep your content fresh, try to post something new every day (and if someone leaves a comment, reply!).

Glam Up Your Page

  • Add a “Like Box to your website so site visitors can see how many people have already liked your Facebook page. Social proof is powerful!
  • Add photos. Photos are a great way to get people’s attention. To share a photo—like a product, or a happy customer, or a pic from an event—go to your page’s Wall and click the “Photo” link at the top. Then either upload the photo from your computer, take a photo with a webcam, or create an album.


  • Facebook Ads.  On your Page’s right sidebar, you’ll see a link called “Promote with an Ad.” Click it to begin designing an image-based or text-based ad that will appear on the side of people’s profiles.  You can even choose who sees your ads based on their location, age, gender, interests, and their connection to your page on Facebook:


Learn more in Facebook’s Help Center’s section on Promoting Your Page. And if you have other suggestions for promoting a new business Facebook page, please share them with your fellow entrepreneurs in the comments section below.

Happy promoting!

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