Twitter Themes

Integrate your brand presence from Twitter into your Facebook page by using the Pagemodo Twitter theme.

IMPORTANT: Be sure that your Twitter profile is publicly visible. Pagemodo tabs cannot display data from accounts that are private.

For a detailed look at building your tab, check out this article in the Pagemodo Knowledgebase -

  • "How to Build Your Custom Tab"

The themes are located in the theme gallery during the “Choose Theme” step. Themes are listed in alphabetical order.


TIP: You can quickly locate one of these themes by looking under the “Popular” tab in the theme gallery.

Once you choose your theme, you will proceed to the “Modify Theme” step of building your custom tab.

Change your background settings for the Twitter theme during the “Modify Theme” step of building your custom tab. Once you have chosen your background, click Next Step to proceed to the “Edit Content” step.

On the “Edit Content” step, you can enter the Twitter username of the account you want to show. By default Pagemodo is the Username, but you can change it to your own own username.


Search or Hash Tag

A Hash Tag is a Twitter specific search. You may notice people posting on twitter using the pound symbol (#) before words. This is a Hash Tag. It allows people to search on specific trends. If you want to show a trend like #weather, enter that as your Hash Tag.


You can also enter general search terms and the feed will display any updates that include those terms.

REMINDER: Twitter accounts that are set to private will not display in the published tab.

Click Done to proceed to the next steps of building your custom tab.

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