Button Themes

Creating A Button Link

Some themes include a button image that you can use to link to external pages outside of Facebook. This is a “call-to-action” that can prompt your visitors to continue reading content at a related site or even to download a file.

Under “Choose Theme,” select a theme that has a call-to-action button.

TIP: You may browse theme categories or click All Themes to select from an alphabetical list of themes if you already know its name, such a “Modern”, “Tesigner” or “Galleria.”

After you choose the layout for your theme on the “Modify Theme” page, proceed to the “Edit Content” page where you can add your custom content. This is where you can edit your button.

Depending on the theme you have chosen, the call-to-action button will be called “button” or “read more button” during the editing stage.

Check the “hide” box if you wish to completely hide the button.

In the “Link Address (URL)” field, enter the address that you want your visitors directed to upon clicking it.

NOTE: If you want to link to a file to initiate a download, please note that your file must already be uploaded somewhere, such as the hosting service provider of your website, or another file hosting service such as Dropbox. Where and how the file is hosted is entirely up to you.

In the “Text” field, type a brief command for your visitor, such as “click here”, “read more” or any phrase of your choice. You may also use the default text. Just remember to keep your phrase short enough to fit on the button!

From the “Button Color” menu you can choose from a selection of colors or simply display the button as a standard hyperlink.

NOTE: If you choose the “display as link” option, please be aware the link color will be the theme default.

Click Done to save your changes. Confirm that you want to proceed to the next page by clicking I’m Done Editing, Next Step.

Proceed through the next steps.

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