Pagemodo Chrome Extension

If you are surfing the web and come across an article or page that may interest your audience, you can use the Pagemodo Chrome extension to quickly publish items to your Facebook page.

The extension can be found in the Chrome web store by clicking here.

NOTE: This extension will only work using the Google Chrome web browser. Be sure to switch to Chrome before attempting to install. For more information on Chrome extensions, click here.


Install the extension by clicking Add To Chrome. Once you confirm your installation, a Pagemodo logo will appear to the right of your browser toolbar.


Now when you come across a page or article you want to share on your Facebook page, click the Pagemodo logo in your browser. A popover will appear with the same formatting options that you would use if you were at the Pagemodo site.


NOTE: If you are not already logged into your Pagemodo account, you will be prompted to.


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