Facebook Ads

Ads from Pagemodo allows you to leverage Pagemodo's intuitive design tools to create professional, attractive ads for Facebook. To get started, click the Ads icon from your Dashboard. Be sure you have selected the profile you want to manage from the left sidebar.


The Ads tool will guide you through 

  • designing an image
  • customizing a headline and text
  • identifying the target audience for your ad


This the editing stage. Near the description, image and title sections are EDIT buttons. At any point during your customization you can click the click the “see example” link for preview of how your ad will appear in Facebook.

NOTE: Ad billing is processed through Facebook. You are required to have a valid form of payment on file with Facebook before publishing. To add a payment method to your Facebook account, select Settings from the upper-right dropdown menu of Facebook, then click Payments from the Settings page. Click here for more detailed instructions on adding a payment method to your Facebook account. 
Customizing Image

Click EDIT for your image. To use stock images, type a keyword into the search field. If you want to use images you uploaded previously with Pagemodo, click My Images. You can also upload new images from this tab. 


Crop & Resize image by dragging the handles to adjust to the parts of the image you wish to display in your ad. (NOTE: Perspective will remain fixed)

Click the Layout tab to choose how elements like your text and accents will placed for your ad. 


Click the Text tab to customize the text that appears on your ad.  The placement and style of the text is determined by the layout you selected under the Layout tab.


Additional Text Editing Options

Click Additional Text Editing Options if you want to apply more decorative customizations for your text. Here you can also access advanced options for background images, logos and shapes, similar to the Pagemodo Post Designer


Click Update when you're done.

Editing Description and Headline

Click EDIT for your description to customize the text you want to appear in the ad. There is a 90 character limit for description text. For your headline there is a 25 character limit. 


NOTE: Remember to click See Example for a preview of how your ad will look once published to Facebook. 
Targeting Your Ad


In the right panel you can begin tailoring your ad to a specific audience. Define:

  • Male, female or both
  • Age range, between 13 (min)-65 (max)
  • Location, by city, state or zip code
  • Ad budget
  • Ad duration and start date 

You can also link the ad to your website if you wish.

For each change you make Ads will estimate the potential customer reach.
Advanced Settings allows you to add (at least two) interests to more specifically target potential customers.

You may choose to publish your ad right away, or save it for later.

If you attempt to publish without customizing your ad copy, you will be encouraged to do so.

Once you ad is approved by Facebook and published, you can check the performance and impact of your ad from your Pagemodo Dashboard under "Active Ads."

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