Connect Social Media Networks

Want to send your posts to Twitter and LinkedIn in addition to your Facebook page? You can set this up from Post Settings.

Click Post Settings at the top of your Posts Dashboard. 

In the middle of the Post Settings page you'll see the options to Connect Twitter Account or Connect LinkedIn Account. Once you click either of these you'll be prompted to log into each (if you aren't already) in order to authorize VistaPrint to post to the Twitter or LinkedIn account. Once you have authorized you'll be directed back to Post Settings.

TIP: If you decide to decline authorization, click your browser's back button in order to return to the Posts Settings page.

Now when you are in the Create Post window you can select which networks you want to share to. The networks which are available for sharing are the ones you have authorized. If you attempt to post to a network you have not authorized, a popover will prompt you to do so.


To Disconnect a Network

If you want to disconnect Twitter or LinkedIn, simply click the "disconnect" link next to your account name as it appears on Post Settings. 


  • Twitter will only display up to 140 characters of your update.
  • For LinkedIn, your authorization expires every 30 days. In this case you will see a link to "Refresh Token" near your LinkedIn account name on Post Settings. By clicking "Refresh Token" you will re-establish authorization for Posts to use your LinkedIn account.
  • Social media accounts are linked on a per-page basis. If you manage more than one Facebook page within your Pagemodo account, you will have to authorize each of them to post to your social media accounts.
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